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Bag Manufacturers 

Bag Manufacturer in Mumbai

Bags manufacturers, Bag suppliers, Bags manufacture, Bag Manufacturers in Mumbai

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Texonbas Bags manufacturers, Bag manufacturers, Bag suppliers, Bags manufacture, Bag Manufacturers in Mumbai

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Design with bags manufacture in Mumbai

Bag manufacturer, Bags manufacturers, Bag suppliers, Bags manufacture, Bag Manufacturers in Mumbai


Established in 2010, Texonbags offers a full basket of products including but not limited to luggage bags, travel totes, sports bags, duffel bags, backpacks, school bags, college bags, messenger bags, office bags, hand bags, pouches and many other accessories. The Company designs and manufactures these bags using tough fabrics such as nylons and polyesters, coated with special chemicals to add strength and make it waterproof. The bags are designed to be user friendly with varied functionality combining style with comfort.

Texonbags is not only the OEM for certain brands but also manufactures bags in large quantities for large corporate & multinationals in various industries like IT, pharmaceuticals, insurance, to name a few, and also educational institutions providing world class design, highly competitive pricing, fast turnarounds and exceptional product quality

We are focused to achieve customer satisfaction which is our main aim too. Texon Bags has gained excellence to provide full guarantee for handling bulk orders and delivering high quality bags. Our company works with a team of expert with years of experience and excellence of relevant field team to covet and fulfills the customer’s requirements. We have gained a long listing of clientele just because of our quality products and on-time delivery.

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Vision & Mission

Texon Bags has the vision to be the most widely distributed and recognized quality conscious brand in the country.

Every product is designed with only one thing in mind – customer satisfaction, whether it is the appearance, quality, usability or durability.

Texon Bags' mission is to create high quality, user-friendly and attractive bags tailored to meet the customer's needs and to constantly utilize the company's resources to innovate new products for the ever changing desires of the consumer.

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Sid Kumar
Sid Kumar
20 juin 2020

You can now also find a varieties of bags according to your requirement from Express Bags. It provides varieties of trendy and fashionable bags for multi-purpose and also well known for leading bag manufacturers in India.For more info visit our website


Alpine FIBC Pvt Ltd
Alpine FIBC Pvt Ltd
29 juil. 2019

Excellent Your Work

Thank for sharing...


NN Creations
NN Creations
18 avr. 2019

Very good information about bags manufacturers.

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